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About us

In 2014, RMCharts was established by the joining of a group of master and experienced forex market, analyzing and financial market researchers. The main goal of the company was creating a professional yet friendly environment for exact analyzing of the financial market and providing the data to all of the users, which after many hours of work became the RMCHARTS.COM which started activity on 20/05/2018.

Some of the features of the website are as follow:
1- market analysis: This section is an attempt to provide the daily information of the market, the amount of trade in paired currencies, and other market data to users.

2- Indicator: In this section users have a full access to indicators of financial markets.

3- Trading system: Traders can access a full series of financial markets and stock shares.

4- Books: Users can have access to the best books on market trading of history in this section.

 5_ Trading Software: Trading markets always carry a high level of risk and potential loss for the traders, so in this sections users can benefit from multiple analysing software(s) available which can decrease the amount of risk and the possible losses.
6_ News: Users have access to the latest news of the financial market in this section.

7_ Shop: The most powerful and significant trading robots are available in this section which users can benefit from.
8_ Crypto: This section contains 3 sub-sections
-Technical analysis of cryptocurrencies
-World News surrounding and affecting cryptocurrencies
-Specialized introduction of cryptocurrencies

This website is created and managed by personal costs, and is not funded by any institution so if you would like to support us financially and donate to keep us going forward, you can use the links below:

BTC : 1L7dvyTptKHWHzyo4snbP3W9B8u2gksJJ8
ETH : 0x09f1be6f10797e08fc6377299d1ced98c6dfb9e1