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AmiBroker is one of the most powerful This software designed in a modern way to help with the latest information of analysts.
AmiBroker has certain features that make this software look like the rest of the software.
One of these features is that it has a 3-D display and analyzes a special beauty. It can also release information and analysis output as a table with unlimited vertical and horizontal rows.
This software has a simulation that allows you to study the times of the market.



AmiBroker  complementary explanations :

If you have multiple signals at the same time and are stuck in their selection, AmiBroker will choose the most accurate parameters and give you the best choice.
Using Artificial Intelligence, AmiBroker examines all market information and shows the best. The artificial intelligence used in AmiBroker can identify and display the best and worst market conditions.
This software has the ability to set your own custom code and feel the pleasure of personal analysis.



Because the financial markets and stocks have their own hardships and complexities, traders must add to their masters by studying and spending a lot of time, but this software allows them to spend time Use the tools in the software to get the best information from the market.



To use this software, you can easily access information about financial markets or stock exchanges in the software and get the most accurate information from the market at the fastest time and use the best terms and conditions, and make the best deal.



This software  is sold in 3 modes on markets .
Standard Edition for $ 279
Pro version for $ 339
Version for $ 499
But here we are free for you.
These versions are available on all Windows and Mac-based systems.

The download file has these parts :

AmiBroker Setup

+ Crack



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