In the GBPUSD currency chart, we expect the price to fall after a brief rise that could be called a correction. In this analysis, we first draw the blue support line and see that the price has hit the line several times but has failed. Then we have drawn a resistance range at 1.3272. We also come closer to better analysis by drawing on the important Fibonacci lines of Nice. The first target is the 23.6 Fibonacci retracement at 1.3143 and the second target is the red resistance range at 1.3272. The price will enter the bearish phase by colliding with one of these lines and will fall to the price of 1.2734.

Most Important Price Lines for Pair GBPUSD :

S1 : 1.2974

S2 : 1.2945

S3 : 1.2922

Pivot Points : 1.2994

R1 : 1.3022

R2 : 1.3043

R3 : 1.3070

Currency Pair Indicator Analysis:

Up Signal:

Ultimate Oscillator

Descending signal:



GBPUSD currency pair moving averages :

Up Signal:

MA 5

MA 10

MA 50

MA 100

MA 200

Descending signal:

MA 20

The most important economic news for the GBPUSD currency pair in the coming days are as follows:

January 22 : Monthly US housing sales release

January 23 : US unemployment rate spread

January 24 : UK Public Service Rate Statistics

One of America's most important political developments in the coming days is the impeachment of President Trump. This was due to a hasty US attack on General Suleimani, which exacerbated tensions in the Middle East and a missile attack on the US military base in Iraq and killed and wounded a number of US soldiers. The attack is significant in many ways. There has been no direct attack on American bases since World War II. This raised concerns among US senators and forced the US military to deploy several military bases in Iraq and Syria. On the other hand, the Iraqi parliament approved the law on the withdrawal of troops from other countries with a maximum of votes, and all the other countries, including the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Denmark and ... should leave Iraq.


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