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EURNZD Downtrend Continues - H4

In the EURNZD pair, we expect the downtrend to continue after the uptrend as the Euro depreciates against all active currencies, especially the New Zealand dollar. This downtrend that started 2 months ago is expected to continue for the third month. As a result, the next target for the price could be 1.6425 .

The most important number indices for the EURNZD are for the resistance and support lines, as follows :

S1 : 1.6715

S2 : 1.6695

S3 :1.6670


R1 : 1.6760

R2 : 1.6780

R3 : 1.6800

The most important economic news for the EURNZD pair next week is as follows :

January 7 : Publication of annual statistics on price changes of goods and services in the EU

January 7 : Publication of price statistics to indicate inflation in the EU

January 9 : Italy Unemployment Statistics Release

Europe has been experiencing serious problems in economic developments due to the unprecedented devastation of France in the last five years. France, however, has called for an immediate meeting of the European Union. On the other hand, senior French officials have called for an immediate agreement with the demonstrators and their expectations.

On the other hand, with the escalating political tensions between Iran and the US, oil prices could rise to $ 85, a major problem for the European Union, one of the world's major buyers of oil.

EU cyber attacks by Internet hackers are also on the rise.

In New Zealand, on the other hand, the government insists that current efforts are not responsive to the country's problems and that new policies must be in place.

A group of New Zealand economists also expressed opposition to the government's economic policies.

The government is also working to minimize housing problems in New Zealand.


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